Gaining A Competitive Advantage With Job Parsing Automation

Exercise more control with greater ease, customizability and convenience.

JobRobotix is a rules-based parsing engine software that seamlessly integrates with existing vendor management systems. It makes adding new providers a breeze, since it requires no additional programming or special arrangements! Its data workflow integration and process automation capabilities translates to more efficiency and immediate ROI.

JobRobotix is a software solution that eliminates many of the issues that cause workflow congestion and redundancies related to job parsing, searching, matching and filling.

Imagine never having to deal with manually entering data or sorting through irrelevant jobs. Now, you can instantly get only the information you need, as soon as it is available.

There’s two ways it works:

One way is to configure your mail system so notifications are forwarded to the JobRobotix inbox. The software engine picks up emails in the order they’re received, identifies the parser configuration, then processes emails according to filter rules defined by you. Jobs in staging are then either exported to a spreadsheet or pushed directly to your system.
Another option is to have the software collect information directly from the provider. Since data is consistently collected and emails are processed within minutes, those who want up-to-minute data can use both methods.