Increase Staffing Agency Productivity And Improve Efficiency Through Data Automation

JobRobotix rules-based data parsing software seamlessly integrates with existing vendor management systems (VMS) and MSP applications. No longer will your staff need to monitor multiple websites, emails, upload files or manually enter data job data. All data can be collected and delivered to your ATS, CRM, JobBoards, and social media streams in minutes.

Our platform requires no additional programming or special skills, which makes the process of adding new providers both streamlined and simple. It's as simple as point, click, and selecting your job data providers. JobRobotix can start feeding VMS & MSP data to your ATS or CRM in a matter of minutes.

And since our data workflow integration and process automation capabilities translate into more efficiency and immediate ROI, your team will have additional bandwidth to focus on more meaningful – and profitable – tasks.

JobRobotix Is Customizable and User-Friendly

Our proprietary job bots create better efficiencies in work flow - based on both preference and need - so that you can maximize productivity. And since JobRobotix consistently collects data, and emails are processed within minutes, it's easier than ever to simplify and automate the process in real-time.

Configuration 1

Set up your mail system so notifications are forwarded to the JobRobotix inbox. Our software engine will then:

  • Pick up emails in the order they are received
  • Identify the parser configuration
  • Process emails according to filter rules that you've defined

Jobs in staging can then be exported to a spreadsheet, or pushed directly to your system.

Configuration 2

Have JobRobotix collect information directly from the provider.

Why Choose JobRobotix?

JobRobotix delivers efficient and intelligent automation solutions to organizations that are looking to optimize performance. Our user-friendly and customizable solution allows you to process more jobs than ever before, so you can find high-quality talent quicker and make better placements faster.


Streamline processes and boost efficiency by eliminating time-consuming manual data entry


Seamlessly integrate with existing vendor management systems for meaningful insight and better decision making


Spend more time on higher-priority tasks by optimizing the process of finding, filtering and filling job requisitions

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