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What platforms does JobRobotix integrate with?
JobRobotix seamlessly integrates with your existing Applicant Tracking Systems and Vendor Management Systems. Our team makes setup and configuration a quick and easy process.
How soon will I see an impact?

With JobRobotix, you’ll see an impact as soon as it’s up and running. We instantly allow you to eliminate time-consuming tasks and costly data-entry errors so that your team can shift their focus right away.

How do I know it’s the right time to invest in a platform like JobRobotix?

If your team is having trouble meeting their goals or scaling the recruiting process, it’s time to seriously consider automation. If staff members are feeling overwhelmed, spending too much time on administrative tasks, leaving positions unfilled, and/or seeing long hire times, these are all tell-tale signs that you need to start automating your systems and processes.

Will using JobRobotix eliminate the need for talent acquisition professionals?

No, automation does not replace valuable employees. It’s simply a tool that allows them to do their job better. JobRobotix will help your team be more efficient and productive, which will help your entire organization thrive.

How can an integrated ATS and VMS help?

Integration streamlines processes and enhances the efficiency of finding and filling jobs. Your team will be able to process hundreds of more jobs per hour than they could through manual entry.  Plus, they’ll have access to better information.  By keeping all your data up to date and processing VMS job notifications as they come, you’ll always have access to the most relevant information possible.