JobRobotix seamlessly integrates with your existing ATS and VMS for a simplified data solution

When you’re manually collecting and compiling information from multiple vendor management and applicant tracking systems, your team is forced to spend a substantial amount of time on labor-intensive, time-consuming, and monotonous tasks. JobRobotix seamlessly integrates with your existing Applicant Tracking Systems and Vendor Management Systems, which significantly reduces the time it takes to compile information. We consolidate the number of steps involved in collecting information from multiple systems, so that your team works smarter – and not harder.

Our solution processes jobs according to rules configured by customer requirements, which can be filtered, mapped and arranged by field. Fragmented functions such as data integration, combining information, and capturing ATS and VMS notifications are all done for you. And since JobRobotix automatically integrates the data for you, you’ll have access to more meaningful insight. The end result is better hiring decisions, which means less turnover, as well as less money is spent on recruiting, onboarding and training.

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