The JobRobotix Solution

A comprehensive – and customizable - solution for your specific needs

JobRobotix is a complete automation solution that seamlessly integrates into your existing ATS and VMS, and eliminates many of the issues that cause workflow congestion and redundancies. From finding, filtering, and filling job opportunities, we help you to get more done with efficiency and accuracy. By automating and optimizing the recruiting and hiring process, you’ll gain a competitive advantage when it comes to identifying and recruiting the best talent. Your team will be able to reach top candidates for each role before the competition even begins the process,
which means better results in less time with fewer resources. Imagine never having to deal with manually entering data or sorting through irrelevant jobs. With JobRobotix, you’ll instantly have access access to the information you need, as soon as it’s available You’ll also reduce errors and free up time so that your team can focus on more meaningful and significant tasks. Imagine how much more they’’ll be able to get done during the day when they aren’t forced to spend their valuable time on data entry and integration. With a more streamlined process, they’ll be able to focus on more meaningful and profitable tasks that require a human touch, like having valuable conversations and building relationships. The end result is better ROI and a higher performing organization. JobRobotix is helping staffing firms capture over 80,000 work hours monthly, driving bottom-line improvements, speeding up business, and reducing labor costs. Contact us today to learn how we can do the same for you.